MOVING: Evolution Starts Now

6 Apr



Hi Passionistas,

I have missed writing posts for NGD greatly but its time that I move on to the plan I have wrote out and made plain,

I will be moving to

This blog will remain until the end of this month,but please go over to the new constructed blog at on

Monday 7th for the sneak peek.

I thank you all for supporting Naturally Glammed Diva, I look forward to taking you on the journey with me as live out my passion.



Cha’Kina Krystelle




Don’t Divert from the Plan

9 Oct

Hey Loves,

Sometimes a life lesson literally screams at you and you HAVE to SHARE it!
I have been in a state of transition for the last year.
As I call it in life’s classroom learning, absorbing and utilizing what I have learned as so I THOUGHT!
Today I found out I’ve been listening but trying to do it MY OWN WAY!
For example let’s say you are mentoring someone and discussing with them on how to have a successful business. Which YOU by EXPERIENCE have found MAJOR SUCCESS but they decide to totally divert from the plan you wrote out for them, a plan that has worked for you and do it THEIR WAY.
Then they have the NERVE to get an attitude because its NOT WORKING for them!!!
And wondering WHY I wasn’t finding the grande SUCCESS I desired and dreamt of !
It has ALREADY been done.
Excuse my bad English.
Don’t get me wrong I have seen small success BUT I’m NOT living in the small I WANT BIG, GRANDE, ENORMOUS SUCCESS!!!
So today I challenge you don’t live life in the small and STOP trying to reinvent something already done.
Learn from those that have gone before you and blaze the trail for someone else!


90 Day Challenge

2 Oct

Good Morning!

I am posting a bit late I do apologize.
The 90 day challenge will consist of tailor making your plan to fit YOU!
I will keep you posted on what I am doing.
My exercise , supplements and food plan.
Please check for updates daily via
I will post here weekly.
So come join me on this journey!

Finding your Signature Hairstyle

10 Jul

Hey loves,

It’s been a while.
Lately it’s been more important for me to have at least 3 to go to styles that are super easy.
Gone are the days where I feel that I have to have a new hair style daily!
I’m a woman constantly on the go, I need easy versatility,and healthy hair.
So there are a couple things I have done a little differently when it comes to my hair.
I no longer do wash and gos they were murderous on my ends.
I replaced my wash and gos with braid outs using Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioner and raw Shea butter.
On those days that my braid out gets a little frizzy I do a goddess two strand twist and add a scarf for a little pop of color.
I love just to wear it down after the braid out its always so well defined, I also use a pick to make it bigger.
I love BIG HAIR!
Some days I opted for a high puff and cascading bangs.
Each of these styles are super easy, fits my lifestyle and my personality.
If you are looking for a signature hairstyle to make your own look for inspiration online (Instagram,YouTube etc) magazines, and tv.
Simply make the style fit you and BAM you’ve got a style of you own.


June the Month of a New Focus: Weight loss Journey

29 May

Hey Loves 

It has been a LONG time!

I have been taking my life to another level.

Lately things have shifted for me in all areas of my life, and I have had to revisit some areas that needed some tying up.

I’ve found that I have marked some things on my vision board as accomplished but, have procrastinated on some.

Life can find us sometimes lazy.

Today someone gave me a much needed kick in the butt which I needed.

So, today I commit myself to opening up more on my weight loss journey and what I am doing each day.

Follow me on InstaGram (skinnywrapsbykina) to keep up with my meals, and workouts.

Starting tomorrow you will see what the journey to health looks like for me.

So shout me out tomorrow if you vow to make June the month of a new focus for the things you have been ignoring.

I will also be giving tips and recipes etc on NGD Blog everyday starting tomorrow.

Holla at Me,





Taking Weight loss to Another Level: With Results in 45 Minutes!

19 Mar



Hey Y’all!

I must say that this weight loss journey of mine has been a very off and on one, for me.

I was NEVER an overweight child,or teenager, I didn’t pick up this extra weight until after I had my daughter who is going to be 16 next month.

I can NO longer say its BABY WEIGHT, its just WEIGHT BABY!

It has been an off and on battle for me, for the last four years I must say.

I have had many triumphs but, they are very short lived.

I am finally understanding that I cannot do a quick fix.

I MUST change my lifestyle and get ACTIVE.


In comes this CRAZY WRAP THING!

I have recently become a distributor for It Works Global.

One of our BEST SELLERS are the body wraps.

The body wrap allows your body to detox itself internaly and you will also see immediate results with the wrap within 45 minutes!

Yes I said 45 minutes.

The wrap contains a botanical blend on one side, you apply the gel side of the wrap to your tummy or other areas like your thighs, arms, or buttocks or any other  fatty area.

Then you add saran wrap over the wrap to keep it in place, allow wrap to penetrate the skin by leaving in on for at least 45 minutes.

You can see more on the wraps and purchase them at:

I recently wrapped myself and my daughter and OMG I have found something that REALLY works!

I started with my waist measuring 39 inches, after having the wrap on for two hours and measuring myself again, I was 37 inches.


One thing I MUST say is this is NOT water weight!

And you also MUST drink HALF of your BODY WEIGHT of water in ounces each day three days after you wrap yourself.

The blend penetrates the skin and works 3 days after you wrap.

This will in return detox you, I have also noticed a change in my skin, hair, and energy level as well.

You will also find more product on my website and ALL  the 411 on the wraps.

Should you have any questions for me please email me at

Here’s to good health!


I have pictures I will post VERY soon.



Back to the Basics: Natural Hair Regimen

26 Feb

Hey Y’all,

Its wash day, and because I’m often stopped in the mall and in  beauty supply stores.

I decided to give you an updated regimen for my natural coily, kinky, curls.




I like these shampoos for a couple reasons.

  1. Very inexspensive.
  2. You can find them just about any where.
  3. They actually work!

I usually shampoo once a month unless, I have a lot of build up during the week and then I will shampoo twice a month.

I wash using tepid water, it helps in the detangling keeps curls from tangling together.

While washing I concentrate on my scalp, massaging scalp lightly then smoothing the rest of the soap towards my ends, rinsing with cool water.





These are great conditioners as well..

  1. They are inexpensive.
  2. Can be found just about anywhere.
  3. They are very conditioning, and smell great.

I usually cowash or condition my hair once a week, using cool water to seal in the condtioner.





These are the only oils that I use.

The castor oil is used to seal in my conditioner after I co-wash, while my hair is still wet.

I concentrate on any areas that are damaged or grow slowly which is the crown of my head.

I also concentrate on my edges and the ends, this helps with split ends and breakage.

Works great!

Olive oil I use when Im needing sheen or adding oil after a twist out.

Other Conditioners



This is a great conditioner for those times when my scalp is itchy, and I need a little extra conditioning.

Its very tingling to the scalp, feels wonderful, thick, creamy and you dont need much.

Leave In



This is my ONLY leave in conditoner is great for just about anything.

I use it for twist outs, a leave in, and sometimes on my wash and gos.

But for the most part I use a quarter sized amount to my hair right after my co-washes and shampoos, then after I add the Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioner,I add a quarter sized amount of my castor oil to seal in the leave in.

Makes my hair feel great, sometimes I will stop there allow my hair to air dry and style into a puff or leave down.

Twist Outs and Wash n Go’s

Image              Image  Image           Image

Softee Aloe Vera Activator Gel: 

Is my favorite to use on my wash n go’s.

It makes for soft curls, conditioning curls, doesn’t leave curls dry or brittle.

Lets Jam Custard 

I use when I need curls with a little more hold with lots of shine and definition.

Curl Care Strong Hold Gel by Dr Miracle

Is great for twist outs and wash n go’s with a strong hold although it really draws my hair up but I like the fact that it is a thick, rich and a conditioning gel.

Nice & Curly Curl Me Up

This is the only cream I use to do my twist outs, it leaves my curls so defined and elongated and most of all soft with an all day hold

Edge Control



This is also the only thing I use for edge control when I’m rocking my puffs and just needing a little control around my edges and nape.

I hope this helps any of you natural hair divas that are die hard products junkies like me but are trying to get it under control by having your own regimen.




And the Best Dressed Goes to: Charlize Theron

25 Feb



Hey Loves,

Who all caught the Oscars red carper show?

I took part in Wendy Williams Red Carpet timeline on twitter yesterday.

It was so exciting to take part in spilling the tea on the looks of the night.

But by far I personally think that Charlize Theron took the night, her dress was so fab, and her haircut was GORGEOUS! 

I love to see when a woman has the confidence to go short, and does the dog gone thang!

So I give Charlize the You Got It Girl Award for her fabulous look last night!



Get Yourself Together: Do You Baby Boo!

22 Feb



Hey Loves,

I know today is the day for Love Notes but, I must say that there has been something that has been on my heart.

Earlier today I found myself doing one thing that I absolutely love to do.

I worked on my laptop while watching Vogues of 1938,its an old black and white movie that was centered around a model and a fashion designer.

It was awesome!

The clothes were freaking beautiful.

I remember being a young girl and drawing outfits, looking at fabric with my great aunt and saying to myself and others you betta take my autograph it will be worth something in the future.

And I meant that!

Watching the movie, I found that I love the fashion of the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

I also realized that I love fashion, hair, styling the whole nine.

I want to create more with my hands, and expand the limits of my mind.

 Today watching this movie I found out that I must get that fabulously fashionable person back.

So baby loves, I have promised myself that I will first learn to operate and sew, besides I have a sewing machine that I have had for years now.

I will start drawing and creating a line of clothing that is influenced by the early 20s, 30s and 40s.

I will live my life doing those things that fuel the little girl in me the dreamer, the creator and fashionable diva that I am.

I will not make any excuses and will NOT water down who I am FOR ANYONE.

So what I say to all of you is do you baby boo, do what challenges you, fuels you, inspires you, moves you, builds you up.

Put the opinions and feelings of others to the side and begin to live again.

Cause believe me when I say, they are NOT going to ask for your permission to do what makes them happy.

And you know it.

So bring out the wigs, weaves, sewing machine, fabric, make up, heels, jewelry, video camera etc etc.

Because the diva is back!

Im tweaking and changing EVERYTHING!






Love Note: Office Bugabo

7 Feb



Hey Loves,

As promised I am here to give you the first Love Note, again if you are wanting some straight from the hip advice with no beating around the bush send your letters to:


I have been working at my dream job for about seven years.

The seven years I have been there I have been promoted many times and I am now lead of my department.

Now here is my dilemma, I have been friends with benefits basically with a close coworker for about two years.

But, lately this guy has been sending me love letters and putting them on my car, just a couple weeks ago he wrote me a song and showed up at my house with guitar in hand wanting to express his feelings in song to me.

OMG he is getting on my nerves!

I really want to cut him off but the sex is awesome, but I believe he wants to be in a real relationship.

Hes NOT what I call husband or relationship material, at all.

What should I do, I dont want to give up my side piece and I dont want to hurt his feelings, and the biggest thing is I have to see him a work.

Please help!


Ms. Dazed & Confused 

Well, Ms Dazed & Confused I hope you are ready?

First of all, it is really dangerous to start an office romance.

I must admit, that I met my now husband at work and it was very crazy dealing with one another at work.

I eventually quit, it got THAT CRAZY!

But back to you, if you know that this guy isnt the kind of person you want to continue a “real” romantic relationship with then you must have this conversation with him.

But please understand that you must be ready with any backlash that comes with it.

Yes, he is a friend now but how will he react once you are honest with him.

You should have never added sex to the equation that adds a whole other level to the ordeal.

You must talk to him and be honest without being hurtful, keep in mind that you still have to work with this guy.

And in the future I say do not get in an office romance again you have too much to loose and you are putting your livelyhood in jeporady. 

And this is your dream job, girl get it together!

Get focused !


Now, what advice do you all have for Ms Dazed & Confused?

Sound off and let me know what you think, have you had an office romance and how did it end?




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